About Us

CryptocurrencyCheckout.com is a Platform built to break the barriers between Cryptocurrency and E-commerce adoption.
By allowing online stores to easily accept multiple Cryptocurrencies with virtually no coding experience necessary.

We are developers with over 10 years of combined experience in developing for the E-commerce websites and platforms.
With experience in running and operating our own E-commerce business that has served over 30k customers world wide.
We also have over 4 years of experience developing for several crypto based projects.

I started this project because I was looking for an easy way to integrate cryptocurrencies into my online store.

And through my research quickly found that most of the options available either charged very high processing fees, monthly fees, or required you to write custom code to connect to their platform with little to no help in doing so.

Sometimes charging higher transaction fees then traditional credit card processors, which we thought was completely unacceptable as cryptocurrencies were built with the entire transaction network already integrated.

Being a developer after seeing these issues I decided the best option was to just write my own code to accomplish this for my online store. While developing that project I received many requests from people both in the E-commerce industry and the Crypto industry to develop something similar for their stores/projects.

That was when it became clear to me, the demand was there, so why not adapt my code to allow everyone to use it.
And that is where the CryptocurrencyCheckout.com Platform was born.