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Status: Listed
Name: BitTube
Ticker: TUBE

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
BitTubeCash (Windows)
BitTubeCash (Linux)
BitTubeCash (Mac)
Mobile Wallets:
Other Wallets:
BitTube AirTime

About BitTube:

BitTube as a company offers several products that make up an ecosystem. At the heart of this ecosystem is a blockchain-based technology called AirTime, an ad-free monetisation solution that pays a cryptocurrency (TUBE) based on watch time of any type of content. Payouts are taken from a slowly decreasing block reward, calculated based on a user’s AirTime compared to the grand total AirTime per each block.


  • Rewards your time spent on the Internet.
  • Receive TUBE payments.
  • Donate to websites and social media accounts.
  • Send TUBE cryptocurrency to other BitTube users.
  • Create and manage BitTube wallets.
  • Buy TUBE coins with  crypto and wire transfer.
  • Analyze statistics about your browsing history.
  • Check all of your transaction history.
  • Block ads, banners, popups, and large media files
  • Advanced adblock filters and rules
  • Secured by 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Earn TUBEs by sharing the personal referral link