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Status: Listed
Name: Litecash
Ticker: CASH

Available Wallets

Desktop Wallets:
LiteCash (Windows)
LiteCash (Linux)
LiteCash (Mac)
Mobile Wallets:
LiteCash (Android)
Other Wallets:

About Litecash:

Litecash is a lightning-fast privacy coin that runs on the mimblewimble protocol. With extremely low network fees and no dev fees, Litecash is well suited to be used as a transfer agent for goods and services. Litecash offers wallets for MacOS, Linux, & Windows for desktop applications and an android wallet for mobile transactions with Apple iOS in development.
Litecash is also asic-resistant to fight off network hacks to keep funds safe and secure while also implementing a send back feature. Our send back feature allows for no lost coins in circulation as well as no lost coins for its users due to defunct or incorrect wallet addresses. In this event, Litecash is simply sent back to the sender. Furthermore, Litecashs coin emissions create a higher max cap to allow for a stable price floor as opposed to small max cap coins. This allows less volatile swings in the market to ensure fair transactions for goods and services. These features coupled with the high efficiency of the Litecash blockchain makes Litecash a perfect exchange medium for e-commerce and beyond.