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Status: Listed
Name: Paprikacoin
Ticker: PAPRY

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PaprikaCoin (Windows)
PaprikaCoin (Linux)
PaprikaCoin (Mac)
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About Paprikacoin:

Paprikacoin is a decentralized platform that gives real use case to cryptocurrency. It introduces a way for people thats never been involved in cryptocurrency to participate in blockchain technology. Paprikacoin is a peer-to-peer digital asset system that enables direct exchange of value without going through a central party. Similarly to Bitcoin, the Paprikacoin network requires minimal structure, and timestamps transactions into an ongoing hash-based chain of proof-of-work (KAWPOW).

Paprikacoin Blockchain is highly scalable, built with the ability to process thousands of transactions per second, it is faster than most L1 blockchains.
Paprikacoin Blockchain uses technology that allows users to exchange assets across different blockchains using only a single coin, PAPRY. Accordingly, Paprikacoin Blockchain will lock many tokens on its blockchain and unlock them on another blockchain and vice versa easy, simple and seemless.
Paprikacoin Blockchain supports creation of assets such as tokens and NFTs.